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Let's join forces to abolish Pennsylvania's ridiculous Beer-Gas Prohibition and bring beer convenience to the masses.

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The Issue

Over seventy-five years ago, Prohibition was repealed in the United States and once again beer was sold openly to the public. What's hard to believe is that after all of that time, while almost every other state in our nation embraces consumer convenience, Pennsylvania is still no closer to reforming Prohibition-era beer laws. So what does this mean for you?

It means you still can't buy a six-pack of beer conveniently in Pennsylvania. It means Pennsylvania is still saddled with an antiquated, ineffective and unsafe system for licensing liquor sales.

We believe that the Keystone State deserves better. The time has come to support legislation that would provide the reform that we have been looking for.


Governor Wolf supports Pennsylvania constituents and their right to buy beer in modern and convenient ways!

We are very pleased and encouraged to read Governor Wolf's letter that was issued 5/24 supporting beer reform in Pennsylvania.

We applaud Governor Wolf for this unprecedented and courageous move that clearly demonstrates not only his visionary leadership but most importantly demonstrates his commitment to his Pennsylvania constituents.

We are optimistic that this monumental step will lead to more progress and reform on a grander scale for the benefit of Pennsylvania constituents.

We are committed to standing up for our rights and helping to "free the beer!"

“…you still can't buy a six-pack of beer conveniently in Pennsylvania.”

(What an age we live in. We can receive packages by drone, but not beer from a gas station!)


The Cause


Pennsylvanians have already taken action.




Tell your legislators to come together and bring beer convenience to the masses!

Take Action and Message Your Legislators

Urge your legislators to support legislation such as House Bill 466 that would eliminate the prohibition of selling gasoline and beer at the same location. It makes no sense why convenience restaurant customers cannot buy beer, while other restaurant customers can.

This form will allow you to urge your support to ensure a majority of your colleagues pass legislation that includes the elimination of this archaic and anti-competitive provision.

Please support the elimination of the prohibition-era ban on the sale of beer and gasoline at the same location. Pennsylvania is one of the last remaining states to maintain such an anti-consumer, anti-competitive and unreasonably restrictive beer law. Pennsylvania convenience and grocery stores that qualify as restaurants should be permitted to sell beer in the same fashion as other restaurants, regardless of whether they also sell gas.

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Share #FreeMyBeer on your social media channels and help bring beer convenience to the state of Pennsylvania. Let beer freedom ring!